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Bistro to Go, Inc. is a small artisan bakery located in Macon, Georgia that specializes in small-batch breads and croissants.  Our owners are our bakers and have a combined level of experience nearing 50 years in the food service industry.  We source much of our flour from a stone-milling operation (Carolina Ground in Asheville, North Carolina) which sources it’s grain from organic farms in both Carolinas and Georgia. We are located on the Macon State Farmers Market so we try to buy fruits and vegetables from local sources as well.  There is certainly a special “vibe” in this market and we look forward to our weekly trip to Peachtree City!!!



Castle Rock Honey continues to offer local unfiltered, unheated , and pure raw honey to PTC Farmers Market’s customers since the market opened 10 years ago. Owner Jerry Edwards, former president of Georgia Beekeepers, not only sells various types of honey, but he offers other all-natural products such as beeswax, honey straws, deodorant, lip balm, salve containing CBD, candles and creamed honey, which is made from his own tasty recipe. Presently the most popular items are cinnamon creamed honey and wildflower honey.


Many ask if the name Castle Rock refers to a particular place, and it does. This park is not located in the West but in Pineville, West Virginia, the home of wife Jeanie’s family. Her father Jesse, a honey lover, willed Jerry a parcel of land at the base of Castle Rock which is located in one of the town parks. When Jerry opened the business, he named it to honor his beloved father-in-law.


After retiring from the construction business, Jerry used his free time to indulge his passion and research bees, especially their disappearance. One hive grew to many and friends began to refuse the offered honeys as their pantries were overflowing! Thus, a sweet business was born. A respected speaker for local groups, young and old, he educates anyone who will listen about his precious “ girls” and how everyone can help save the world, one bee at a time.


“Hello, my name is Joseph Egloff. I’m the chief bottle washer at Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle. We are a small cattle operation that started seven years ago with the idea of serving a local burger in downtown Macon. My goal was to process about 12 head of cattle a year. Then I realized that people wanted more than just ground beef. We now process about 90 head a year. We are a regular vendor at several local famers markets, and we now supply many local restaurants and retail grocers.


I do everything from vaccinating and working the cattle, to delivering the product into the hands of the consumer. We don’t have a large staff – but, I don’t know where I’d be without the help of our team.


I named my farm ‘Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle’ as a tribute to my Daddy. When a piece of farmland in Okolona, MS came up for sale, my Momma and Daddy decided to buy it. Daddy said they would put rocking chairs on the front porch and watch the kids grow up. But that October, before they could purchase the farm, my Daddy passed away.


I love being a cattle rancher. It is not a job for me; it is a lifestyle. I truly enjoy every day that I come to work. There is a growing need and desire to eat flavorful, local, grass-fed beef. It is healthier for us and better for the environment. People want to know where their beef comes from, and I am proud of the product that Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle puts on the table. Thank you for your interest in our story.”


Elderberry syrup is an immune boosting juice high in vitamin C and rich in antioxidants. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and is great during cold and flu season. This elderberry syrup also contains Castle Rock Honey which is local and raw. This will also help target allergies. Also available are elderberry gummies, and a juice that is honey-free for babies under the age of one.


It’s Tamale Time all started with a taste and a blessing.
My family’s greatest blessing was Maw Maw Subia. We miss and love her dearly. When you prepare our tamales, the smell of her kitchen will radiate through yours. Our hope is that our food makes you feel at home the way her food did for us and to bring families together the way she did for ours.


My name is J.R. McKinny, my wife Barre and I started this business in the summer of 2018. It was created as an homage to my late Maw Maw Subia, as well as to fill a void of good Latin food in our area.

One of my first memories of food was as a child in her kitchen. It was there that I first tasted the heart of the Latin cuisine…masa. From that moment in time I was forever ruined. Never was I able, nor allowed, to taste another’s tamale. For I would be severely disappointed, and most likely banished from the family.



Earth Woman Farm began as a family garden in 1993. With Line Creek as the east property line, the space devoted to farming is part of 31 beautiful acres on Fischer Road in Sharpsburg.


Janet Kuenzi started growing vegetables for her organic produce co-op in 1996 and the group is still active. In 2014 Janet was joined by her son, Edward (Hans) Kuenzi who returned to the farm after finishing school. His education and degree in the sciences has given him a unique ability to understand the soil, study seed selection, and develop creative and innovative ways to control garden pests and diseases using organic protocols and biological strategies. Farming operations now includes three modest sized growing areas.


Hans is working on perfecting his production techniques for tomatoes, snap peas, green beans, cucumbers, blueberries, and several types of kale. All are popular with the co-op and customers at Peachtree City Market.


Janet has changed her focus from vegetable farmer to florist and herbalist–growing all of her own flowers and herbs to create arrangements which also include cuttings from plants found growing in the wild around the property. She offers bouquets along with grown-from-seed herb and flowering perennial plants, herbal teas and wheat grass at the Peachtree City Market. All are raised using organic methods and materials.


Janet and Hans have been selling at the market since June 2018 and look forward to expanding their offerings as they gain experience and continue to follow their passion for farming. Customer requests for additions are greatly appreciated.


Welcome to my kitchen… I would like to introduce myself, my name is Regina Yawn. I developed a passion for cooking at a very young age. When my grandmothers were in the kitchen, I was right there with them getting flour on my hands and making a mess. The mess just got bigger the older I got, my husband says he can tell when I’ve been in the kitchen. With that said, I hope you find what you are craving and let us serve you and your family with some of our all time favorites!


Snippets LLC is a newcomer to the PTC Farmers’ Market.  Microgreens are the baby version of vegetables and herbs that offer nutrition, intense flavor for their size, and add interest to any meal as a garnish.  These microgreens are grown as naturally as possible indoors in dedicated clean rooms without pesticides and from non-GMO seeds of which many seeds are certified as organic.  Stop by and sample some Snippets.


Circle M Farm is a family-owned farm that sits on 15 acres in Molena, GA. David and Ava Mangham started the farm in 2012. Along side them, their daughter Ashlie and her husband, Chris, work hard on the farm each day. At Circle M, around 7 acres is planted in produce year-round, and 7 acres is planted with other plants for their honey bees. This farm offers a variety of items such as tomatoes, peppers, okra, squashes, beans, greens, onions, honey, eggs, and so much more! One specialty item this farm offers is grapefruit from their vacation home in Florida once a year! They are at the Peachtree City Market year round on Wednesday and Saturday!


When I was a little girl I used to go to my best friend’s grandmother’s house. Her pickles were the best pickles I had ever had. She would pull a jar out of her pantry every time she knew I was coming over. My friend and I would go up in her attic and play dress up with all her vintage dresses while eating  pickles. When I got pregnant with our fourth child I remembered those pickles and craved them so bad. So…I called her up and asked for her recipe. She, of course, gave it to me. I tweaked the recipe a bit to make it my own. Friends and family loved them so much that they said I should sell them, so I did. I developed a sweet pickle and then a spicy one and it took off from there. Now I make nine different varieties and I couldn’t ask for a more fun job.  ~ Crystal Richards


Welcome to Raw Dried Fruit. We are a company unique in character, philosophy, and spirit.


Hello, my name is Victoria Bamiduro. From the time I was a kid, spending my days exploring the neighbors’ fruit trees, fruits have always been a part of my life. But, I never thought I’d be working with it later on in life. I was inspired to start my own business and become self-employed because I didn’t want a 9 to 5 job anymore. Lucky, to my surprise, I got laid off one day and I went and I bought a case of strawberries and I started slicing and drying my very first batch of strawberries. I really enjoyed the aroma– it was amazing and they turned out well. I continued with my interest in slicing and drying more varieties and types of fruits, which helped launch Raw Dried. I found a business which is more fulfilling than my former job.


Our primary mission as a business is really very simple; we are dedicated to promoting vitality and well-being for all individuals by supplying the highest quality raw, dried fruit without any additives. The purity of our food and the health of our bodies are directly related to the purity and the health of our environment. Our mission is to devote ourselves to the promotion of organically grown foods and the sustainability of our entire ecosystem. We are proud to be participating in the transformation of our culture toward greater health and well-being.


Farmers markets serve as an important point of connection. Farmer markets are not only a way for people to purchase locally grown produce, but also a chance for us to connect with others within our communities. Purchasing local goods is an experience that promotes a sense of place, is very important in making individuals feels tied to their communities. One piece of life advice is to believe in yourself and manufacture your own happiness.


Two Doves Farm is the first certified organic farm located in the heart of Fayette County. The farm is owned by Larry and Twila Dove, a couple of country kids from Virginia. The farm grows seasonal fruits and vegetables for the local area and has been growing organically since 2004. We pride ourselves on cultivating high quality, high brix and nutrient dense produce through attention to vegetable variety selection and the health of the soil. With an annual soil test we strive to constantly build the health of the soil by replenishing the necessary soil micronutrients and improving the soil organic matter. The results are a healthy environment for pollinators and humans and the best tasting fresh produce seasonally available.


Cover crops are an important part of organic farming at SHOOT Farm.  Two years before cash crop planting in a field, we begin by planting rye and vetch for organic matter. We roll it with a roller crimper and then in the following fall, we plant crimson clover that is turned into the soil the following spring. We wait 6 years between cash crop plantings in all our fields to give Mother Nature a chance to rebuild the soil just like she wants it.


“We are a food truck that started almost 2 years ago on a dream I had . I then met my biological mother who lives in Greece. When we met my family for the first time I told her I was starting a food truck when we got back to the states. She said, ‘I will teach you how to cook the food and make the sauce the real way.’ Two years later we are on our third trailer and my kids are working full-time with me. We are a true family-run business.”  ~ Nick Karettis, Owner


At Farm Hounds, we partner directly with local family farms, to create unique, nutritious dehydrated dog treats. With these partnerships, we offer the highest quality treats by sourcing from farmers who believe in regenerative agriculture and humane farming standards.


We are Greg and Stacy Thompson. We own and operate Millstone Farm Wagyu in Brooks, GA, raising our cattle there since 1984. Our Japanese genetics originate from the black Tajima herds in Kobe, Japan which produces Kobe beef. This beef has been deemed in Japan as a national treasure for its flavor, tenderness, and eating qualities.


We care for all of our cattle and we never feed them any hormones, antibiotics, or animal products. We plant, grow, and harvest grasses and small grain for our cattle. Our cattle is processed at a USDA inspected facility.


Our desire is to humanely raise and produce the most delicious and tender beef that we possibly can at our farm. Raised by our family for your family.