A short history of The PTC Farmers Market

In 2010, amid the Great Recession, Tricia Stearns, a seasoned Realtor and resident of Peachtree City for over 20 years, earned her Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Kennesaw State University. She planned to teach English at local Junior Colleges in addition to selling real estate to help ends meet during uncertain financial times.

An avid foodie, her thesis combined her love of food, family, and frugal living.


Her academic research inspired her to interview and visit multiple farmers markets from New Orleans to Raleigh Durham.  She felt passionate about bringing a fresh vegetable and clean food-driven market to Peachtree City.


She presented her research and drafted an ordinance to the Peachtree City Council; she created a logo and drove back roads meeting new farmers.


After the first year, the host shopping center did not want The Peachtree City Farmers Market to compete with the new anchor store, Fresh Market. An iconic local business center, Aberdeen Shopping Center, welcomed the year-round market.

Nestled amongst trees and wide-open space, farmers, foodies’, dogs, and children connect with the common goal of friendship, food, and sustainable living.

-Tricia Stearns